The Decision to Give Up Alcohol

After a month of eliminating the most common inflammation-causing foods (gluten, dairy, sugar, soy, alcohol, and coffee) and using the nutritional supplement blend from the 30 Days to Healthy Living Program, I was feeling better than I had in years. It was difficult to say for certain what was the main contributing factor to my rapid and dramatic improvement of health and happiness.

For New Year’s Eve, my husband and I were invited to spend the evening with some close friends. My plan was to bring a nice bottle of red wine to share and have one or two glasses to celebrate the new year and then get to bed shortly after midnight. My husband decided to buy Prosecco instead since it is a bit more festive and he ended up buying two bottles. I rationalized that we would be sharing them and I would only have a few glasses myself.

The evening started out with great intentions. We ate a healthy dinner at home before we left and I was able to stick to the eating portion of the plan at the party despite all the tempting and delicious foods. The only difference that evening was drinking. 

Once we got to the party, I started the evening out with a glass of sparkling water. Around 9:00, innocently enough I had my first glass of Prosecco – that’s where things started to unravel. Sipping lightly on the glass of bubbly, it didn’t take long to begin feeling the euphoric effects of the alcohol start to kick in. The party was starting to get fun and everyone was loosening up. 

We sat around a bonfire and watched the firework displays all around us. Everyone else had switched over to liquor and I stuck to my sparkling wine. More guests arrived with boxes of mortar shell fireworks and sticks of dynamite. Things were starting to get out of control. Several guests were so drunk that they had to be put to bed. This is the point of the party where I should have called it a night and went to bed myself. Instead, my husband and I continued to party and drink until we walked home around 5:00 A.M. At home, we had one more drink before heading to bed right before the sun rose. 

Upon waking the next morning at 11:00, I was hungover and feeling quite disgusted and ashamed of my decisions the night before. All these thoughts were swirling through my head. Why can’t I have a few drinks like a normal person? Why can’t I stop drinking once I get started? Why I am so self-destructive? Will I ever get this under control? My thoughts kept settling on the fact that health coaches don’t binge drink like that. If I was going to become the best possible version of myself then I would have to make a dramatic change. 

That day, New Years Day of 2020, a dear friend announced that he was in AA and had been sober for over 5 months. Many of our mutual friends commented on his announcement that they too have made the decision to get sober and they listed out their days, months, or years of sobriety. At that moment I knew what needed to change. It had become obvious that I am unable to drink in moderation and the only option would be to quit drinking for good. 

Starting this new year and a new decade, it is my intention to make conscious decisions towards living a healthy life and helping others to reach their health goals. Alcohol no longer fits into my definition of a healthy lifestyle and I am ready to experience life without it.

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