How to Re-Program Bad Habits

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How to Reprogram Bad Habits

You can easily reprogram your bad habits to better and healthier alternatives that will actually get you closer to your goals.

The Problem

The special treat you splurge on today is enjoyed so much that you decide to do it the next day too. It is also enjoyable the second time and even the third time. However with each repetition of the behavior the enjoyment level decreases. Until you’re drinking a bottle of wine every night and not even tasting it. It’s just something you programmed yourself to do.

Hitting snooze in the morning instead of getting up to meditate. Scrolling through your feeds instead of tackling your to-do list. Biting your nails when you are bored. Smoking that 5:15 cigarette every afternoon. Eating takeout instead of the healthy meal you bought fresh veggies for. Drinking an energy drink every afternoon. Dessert every evening and then hours of mindless television.

How to Solve It

Several times a year you should review the activities you are doing on a frequent basis. Making sure there are no hedonistic splurges that were once incorporated into daily life and actually don’t bring you much joy anymore. It’s not a high priority on your list, but you are still doing it out of habit. Wasting precious time and energy that could be used for better purposes.

Ask yourself if there is anything you are doing right now that you know for a fact is not good for you. Probably. Everyone has something they can improve to become more aligned with the truest and healthiest version of themself. 

Removing the behavior from your programming can be difficult. Especially if you have been doing the behavior for many years. Many people can just decide they are not going to do it anymore and that’s it. End of story. Most will experience some level of discomfort while adjusting to the new baseline. That’s perfectly normal and to be expected when making a lifestyle change.

It will seem foreign and scary at first because you are training your brain a new series of programming. You may physically feel sore or sick when you make a lifestyle change because your body is adjusting.

Falling off the Wagon

If you make a mistake and go back to the old behavior there is always a lesson to be learned. You will learn to pay attention to your thought patterns and get to the bottom of your motivation to do any action. Recovery from old negative programming is a process.

If you need help re-programming bad habits into a vibrant healthy lifestyle, health coaching may be the answer for you.

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