Focusing on Your Unique Personal Qualities

Who Am I?

Three tiny little words with such tremendous meaning. How do you distill your entire existence into a succinct written explanation? Am I simply a sum total of all the life experiences I have had thus far? Am I the traits and abilities that I currently possess? What about my future potential? The things that I know are in me but I have yet to achieve. I feel all these facets are equally important but don’t necessarily tell the entire story of the complex human being life I am living.

Focusing on the qualities that emerge when I feel most fulfilled is a way to bridge the past experiences, current traits, and abilities, as well as my future potential in order to create a life that lets the real me shine.

As a natural busy body, I am almost always in motion accomplishing things and pushing myself to be better than I was yesterday. I do my best strategizing when I’m doing routine chores around the house. The more routine the chores are, the more I can focus on thinking and strategizing. Thinking, organizing, planning, and executing – these qualities bring great value to my life and also make me valuable to others. I like to use these qualities to help others solve problems they may be facing. 

I am ambitious and always striving for more in life. Learning new skills and acquiring knowledge comes naturally to me and I enjoy challenging my mind to grow and evolve. Part of my ambition for more is that I frequently get bored and need something new to figure out. It is essential to know when to cut extraneous things out of my life when they stop bringing me joy or stop being challenging. 

I am kind and will go out of my way to help others. Helping others to achieve their goals brings me great satisfaction and I feel that I am also contributing to making this world a better place. Helping others is one of my greatest passions and I want to reach more people to help them become the best possible version of themselves. 

Living a life that focuses on your best qualities is a surefire way to increase individual happiness and make a meaningful contribution to society. 

Who are you? What are your best qualities?

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